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What is Gotcha Paintball?

Gotcha paintball is a fun filled shooting activity for the whole family with a recommended age range for juniors of 7-12 years. Low impact gotcha uses a specially designed low impact paintball marker that shoots colour filled round ammo which break on contact. The brightly coloured ammo is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and easily washes away with water. the spring powered paintball markers shoot up to 100+ feet, and is very accurate up to 50 feet.

Gotcha Paintball Deal

2 hours of fun,

unlimited ammo and all equipment included for just £25 pp.

Gotcha is a new low impact game, which has evolved from the fast-paced sport of paintball, which brings you a first person video game experience! Players shoot colour filled ammo balls that result in bright splats when they strike opposing players. It's the exciting new tag game everyone wants to play!

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Please contact us on 07930219568 or to book your session or for more information.


Below are just some of the paintball missions you can experience with us.


Team Death match 

Two teams going head to head battling it out to be the last team standing, simple, or is it? With a labyrinth of trenches, barricades and the jungle surroundings a single soldier gone Rambo could easily turn the tide of any battle.   


Medics are Key 

This is Team Deathmatch with a twist; each team has a medic with the ability to heal their fallen comrades. Don’t let your medic get hit because once he’s gone there’s no going back.


Capture the Flag 

Simple objective, capture and return the enemies flag from their base to your base, don’t forget to defend your own flag!



Throughout the expanse of the map there are many key objectives, to win this game you must hold these locations when the game ends. Careful tactics must be used so not to spread your troops too fin.


Zombie Outbreak

This is exactly as it sounds a simulated zombie outbreak paintball style. There are no teams, just us and them… There are two ways to play this either create large alliances to hold back the never ending hordes or go solo and try to outlast the zombies. Be careful not to get too close to people as they may soon become a mindless being part of the zombie horde….



The time has come to destroy the enemy’s stronghold, however the transport vehicle carrying the deadly explosive has broken down in a swamp and is under heavy fire. The bomb is live and the clock is ticking, you must destroy the enemy base before they use your own weapon against you!


Precious Cargo 

Your Forward Operating base has come under heavy attack from the enemy and now crucial intelligence is under threat of falling into the enemy’s hands, you must return it to base without it being damaged.


King of the Castle 

You have valiantly pushed the enemy out of their fortress, however a massive counter attack is being launched, you must hold the fort until reinforcements arrive or face a massacre.



Mission gone wrong, get the president back to the safety of the fortress, only 1 problem…. There is an army standing between you and the safety of the fortress.

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